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Startup Marketing Strategies Part 4 - Identify Your Target Market and Follow Up Strategy


Startup marketing is quite a different science than most people think. The real secret, however, is properly pairing the right channels with the right product: Content Marketing and Social Media PR. So, from the very start, here is the full Startup Marketing Manual. First of all, what is "Content"? Content is the key to your business plan, and the way you build your brand. In short, it is the way people learn about you and remember you.


One great example of a core strategy for building a startup saas marketing plan is your website metrics. Do you have your own metrics system in place for tracking where your traffic is coming from, where your leads are coming from, and where your sales are coming from? Are you tracking with respect to demographics, geographic locations, or keywords? A strong startup marketing strategy comes from having a sound understanding of which keywords, demographic locations, and keywords you want to work on. This in essence is your go-to-market strategy.


What's next? The next thing you want to do is identify the channels that will support these account based marketing agency strategies. One such channel is blogging. If you are in late-stage startups, consider launching a blog and/or site dedicated to your company and the offerings it offers.


Here is where things get interesting. The good news is, content marketing can be used not only to build your brand but to also increase conversions. If you launch a blog post on your company blog or site, what happens? A blog post just like this one could potentially be read or shared by hundreds or thousands of people. Now multiply this by the potential number of people who can read or share your blog post... hundreds of thousands! That is the power of content marketing for your startup marketing strategies. Look for more facts about marketing at https://www.reference.com/business-finance/examples-wholesale-promotional-products-f4a6bcaed9394123.


The final strategy I am going to discuss in this article is something called email marketing. I have found this to be one of the most powerful strategies I have developed as a business owner. It is not unlike content marketing in that email marketing can be read or shared by hundreds of thousands of people... but it has another powerful advantage. With email marketing, you can set up a follow-up strategy that can result in hundreds or thousands of new sales for you over and above what you could have done with just the initial few hundred email messages you sent out.


In closing, you must understand that your marketing strategy must come from a solid understanding of your core prospects' needs and wants. Once you have developed this understanding, you can then fine tune your strategy based on your understanding. Through the process of identifying your target market and a tailored follow-up strategy, you will be able to generate a massive amount of revenue while providing value to your target market. The bottom line... every business should consider these four marketing strategies as a part of their overall startup marketing strategy.